JOTPY/2.9 Billion Birds on TV!

We’re on TV!

In response to a 2019 article ( ) stating that since the 1970s, 2.9 billion birds have gone missing, we have been making birds on post-consumer cardboard. We invited other artists to join us and post their birds on our Facebook group page at

When we found out we’d be losing our studio (our personal habitat loss), Dawna decided to paint birds on her studio walls before the building was demolished. This project has been captured in a profile entitled “2.9 Billion Birds Gone,” made for maxTV Local. To watch the video, click on the image, or go to Sasktel’s YouTube page: 2.9 Billion Birds Gone – SaskTel maxTV Local on Demand

2.9 Billion Birds Gone is a creative response to research that 1 in 4 North American birds—a total of almost 3 billion—have disappeared since 1970. We are creating birds on post-consumer waste to spread awareness of their disappearance and to generate support for a solution. We welcome you to join us by making paintings, drawings, mixed media works, etc., and sharing them here:

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