JOTPY donates mural proceeds!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our Studio Open House at The Gallery/Art Placement and purchased a piece of our mural. Thanks also to everyone at Art Placement for their support of our project. The mural, entitled If we were a TV show, we’d have a place to work, completely sold out, raising overContinue reading “JOTPY donates mural proceeds!”

Our AKA studio space is filling up!

Our previously pristine, plasticized white cube is now and active hub for political, social and creative engagement. It’s exciting to have big gallery walls to spread out, experiment with placement, and view our progress, and as Saskatchewan became the Covid capital of Canada, our work took on an urgency about the lack of government responseContinue reading “Our AKA studio space is filling up!”

JOTPY Goes to school!

Thanks to the Ely Center of Contemporary Art in New Haven, CT, Maxim Schmidt (workshop coordinator), and artist/presenter Carla Goldberg for a fun and inspiring workshop, “Finding Opportunities Beyond the Gallery.” Carla and the other artist participants opened our minds to interesting possibilities for exhibiting JOPTY outside the box—everything from installations in moving vans andContinue reading “JOTPY Goes to school!”