JOTPY/2.9 Billion Birds on TV!

We’re on TV! In response to a 2019 article ( ) stating that since the 1970s, 2.9 billion birds have gone missing, we have been making birds on post-consumer cardboard. We invited other artists to join us and post their birds on our Facebook group page at When we found out we’d be losing our studioContinue reading “JOTPY/2.9 Billion Birds on TV!”

JOTPY Artists in Residence at AKA in Saskatoon

Just as JOTPY returns from the Rock, we’ll be delighted to take up a second artist residency at the studio program at AKA Gallery in Saskatoon from September 1 through December 2021. Thanks to AKA for this opportunity. AKA is the only artist-run centre in Saskatoon, and one of two artist-run centres in Saskatchewan, thatContinue reading “JOTPY Artists in Residence at AKA in Saskatoon”