JOTPY Installations

Photo credit: Linda Duvall

Unfortunately, the pandemic did not end on February 28, 2021, when our 330G Projects exhibition came down. We saw the rise of the Delta and other variants fuel a fourth wave of Covid. The joy of the vaccine was short-lived, instead leading to even greater polarization. This was brought home to us here in Saskatchewan when our local government chose to follow their own political agenda rather than public health policy. As Saskatchewan became the Covid capital of Canada, our work took on an urgency about this lack of government response. Thus, Journal of the Plague Year has morphed into Journal of the Plague Years. Dawna continues to make signs that chronicle the existential crises that plague the planet. Betsy is working on a monumental dystopian cardboard altarpiece on the January 6th uprising in Washington D.C. called This is how democracy dies.

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New images: Betsy click below