What People Are Saying

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Canadian Art: Dawna Rose and Betsy Rosenwald: Journal of the Plague Year

“I’ve been waiting for 2D art to move me to tears. It happened today.” – Patti S.

“I love how Dawna’s work is fury with beauty and Betsy’s work is satire with grief.” – Elizabeth P.”

“I loved that you captured all that you did on a medium so often carted to the recycle bin.” – William R.

“I had a visceral response…I felt nauseated, sad, enraged, puzzled, off-balance, as if all the dreams (nightmares) I’d had during the plague year were writ large on the walls surrounding me, … yet verifying what I felt. Very unsettling, which is exactly what art is supposed to do.” – Mary M.

“This is art that even non-art lovers can love.” – Dave M.

“I’m so glad I went to see this show in person, in all its glory and anger and wit. The impact of it all at once, and all in one place, with the tic-tock clocks. And the birds!” – Leona T.

“Thank-you, Betsy Rosenwald & Dawna Rose! The world…really, really needed your intense, comprehensive, beautiful, and funny-in-a-black humour-way exhibit. I hope Journal of the Plague Year travels – when it’s safe!” – Kathleen W.